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Seventeen-year-old Travis gets into the forest, on the private territory near his house in Northern Carolina in the summer once, and finds the whole grove of marijuana then gets to a bear trap. Having spent several hours in a trap, it, at last, is released by the local farmer, the owner of an allotment. However from this point he cannot treat those defects which impregnated this small rural community in the Appalachians calmly any more.

Soon Travis leaves the parental house and settles at the teacher Leonard who lives in a trailer on the outskirts of the city, plays about drugs and reads magazines about the American civil war. The fate of these people intertwines when the awful past and the painful present of the town leads to fierce squaring of accounts in which on the one hand the farmer with marijuana is involved, and on the other hand the echo gives bloody slaughter of times of civil war which continues to divide local community.

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