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Paddington 2

Charming and well well-mannered bear Paddington finds the unique ancient book in antique shop of London. While he from all the bear forces tries to save up for her money, the most rare edition is suddenly abducted. Paddington is involved in the swindle of a century started by the famous, but drawn actor who nowadays advertizes dog canned food and the talent for transformation uses in hunting behind the treasures hidden across all London.

7.9 37313

Goon: Last of the Enforcers

Dag is a hockey player who isn't able to play hockey at all, but easily can put any by means of the mighty fists. As a result of an injury of a shock right hand he should leave hockey. But how to reconcile to boring office work when some impudent enforcer becomes the captain of your team. Dag should unite with the worst enemy to return on ice and to make the rivals one left. It is more than annealing, it is more than lawlessness!

5.8 9246

Rough Night

What can sadden a merrily and freaky hen party in Miami? Probably, only the ridiculous death of the stripper. Now girlfriends should get out of foolish history and to somehow cover up tracks until they have fallen into hands to cops.

5.2 35731

Literally, Right Before Aaron

The young man goes to a wedding of the ex-girlfriend to which he, perhaps, had feelings.

4.6 1224

Suck It Up

Two girlfriends go to a travel to reconcile to loss of the loved one — the boyfriend and the brother.

4.7 346

The Disaster Artist

Story about creation of the movie "Room" (2003) widely known as standard of dull cinema. The beginning actor handsome Greg on actor's courses meets excentric Tommie Vayso. New friends have some of general, except love to a pretense and desire to self-express therefore the couple goes to submit Hollywood.

7.4 98264

Brad's Status

Brad has everything to be happy. But when he meets more successful childhood friends who have arranged it in all respects, he feels like the full loser.

6.5 11503

Christopher Robin

In the adventure film, the boy who loved adventures taking place in the Stoakrovom forest, and was friends with a group of energetic and attractive stuffed animals. Now, it has grown, but never found myself in life. His childhood friends help Christopher Robin pass complex life and remember loving playful boy who still remained inside.

7.6 24794

A Bad Moms Christmas

The big house, the loving man, talented children and career uphill. We already adult and make decisions? Kind of not so! Careful parents still don't leave us without "valuable advice", especially, when unexpectedly appear suddenly for New year. However, they will teach to come off in an adult way too! In other words, the holiday has crept imperceptibly …

5.5 26929


12-year-old Miguel lives in the Mexican small village in family of shoemakers and secretly dreams to become the musician. Secretly — because in his family clan music is considered a damnation. Once his great-great-grandfather left the wife, Miguel's praprababka, for the sake of a dream which doesn't allow to live quietly to Miguel now. Since then the musical subject in family became a taboo. Miguel finds out what between him and his favourite singer Ernesto de la Cruz, now deceased, exists certain — still unnamed — communication. The fellow goes to the idol to the Country of the Dead where meets souls of the ancestors. Miguel gets acquainted there with spirit trickster by the name of Hector (in shape of a skeleton) which becomes his conductor. Together they move off in de la Cruz's searches.

8.4 231424

Mom and Dad

From outside the family Ryan seems ideal — the husband makes good money, the beauty wife, two children. But problems are in any family. The daughter senior pupil has ceased to communicate with mother and drags at her money from a purse. The younger brother constantly lifts up the sister, parents too hardly find a common language. Suddenly on TV begin to transmit a strange signal, and all parents who have heard it attack own children. Ryan is a high time for spouses to begin to work in team and to sort out the relations all family.

5.5 12643

I Do... Until I Don't

Through a camera lens of the director-documentary film maker watching three couples at different stages of their relations the curious theory is considered: marriage needs to be turned into the seven-year contract with a possibility of extension.

4.5 788


Welcome to solar Suburbikon! In a fine quiet town in the heart of America. Happy families. Inexpensive pretty houses. Well-groomed lawns. Embodiment of the American dream. Wonderful life of the town is suddenly interrupted by the shocking, outstanding event — the exemplary family endures invasion into their family nest. This event pushes on the worst acts in their idyllic life — blackmail, revenge and treachery.

5.6 26993

The Trip to Spain

The British actors Steve Coogan and Rob Braydon go to a week-long trip across Spain. One tries to finish the book, another — writes reviews of local restaurants. Friends try refined cuisine, continuously stirring about local history and practising in acting skills.

6.6 3557

The Last Word

Garriyet is the successful businesswoman who always held strict control over each aspect of the life. When she reflects on the achievements, she decides to connect the young local writer Ann Sherman for the description of the life. If the initial result doesn't meet high expectations of Garriyet, then she changes the memoirs, but Ann doesn't want to be involved in it. As history is developed, so two women develop unique communication which changes not only Garriyet's heritage, but also Ann's future.

6.6 5693

Pitch Perfect 3

A story about a group of young and ambitious female singers who are expected to face new challenges and trials on the road to success and widespread acceptance.

5.9 38207


Талантливая Келли мечтает стать танцовщицей, но ее родители против. Вся семья отправляется в Индию для участия в свадебной церемонии, на которой Келли влюбляется в новый стиль танца и человека, который танцует его.

5.3 463


Fighting against injustice, the ordinary American widow finds love in absolutely unexpected place. She should understand what it is capable of and to subject to check the will power — to achieve desirable result, it is necessary to do everything possible and even a little more.

5.9 2594

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

After the death of mother of Tiffany remained to live in big together with the father, constantly expressing protests at the slightest pretext. The girl all tried to be late a way of life, typical for youth, trying to run from the house for the sake of noisy parties and the doubtful companies of free teenagers. And eternally busy parent for the sake of safety of the only child had to employ for it the nurse. The judicious and wise Medea living in one quarter together with them became her.

There wasn't enough all attentiveness of Medea for complete control of Tiffany, and once the teenager managed to run away. She planned to spend cheerfully time with friends on the eve of Halloween, and experiences of the family didn't interest the girl. But it became soon clear what pleasant carrying out time is postponed because of excessive unruliness of otherworldly forces. And the brave nurse had to rush to the aid of the useless ward. For the sake of it she has connected all the friends, being ready to go even to an underworld if it was necessary.

3.7 2871

Bernard and Huey

Two men strong were friends in childish years, actually didn't leave, arranging safe pranks, indulging in the ordinary funs characteristic of all school students boys. They were very unlike, having different temperaments and customs. Bernard was very modest and indecisive, appreciating to keep in the background, never participated in conflict situations and adventurous inventions. Huey opposite had unruly temper, adored being in the center of events, to use general attention. However after completion of school training when it was necessary to choose the direction of a course of life in adulthood, friends have gone on absolutely different roads, having left for many years. From the moment of the last meeting has passed quarter of the century, the former teenage boys have turned into the adult men who have equipped own life differently long ago.

5.2 149

The Meyerowitz Stories

Danny is an eldest son of quarrelsome and once famous sculptor Howard Mayrovits, the useless and lame poet-song writer. Danny has arrived to New York to the father, has brought the daughter and the problems. Howard, besides Danny, has a daughter Gene and the son from other marriage, the successful accountant Mathew living in Los Angeles. Howard has problems too, for example, his fourth wife has stopped drinking recently why she spoiled character.​​​​

7.0 26773

American Made

He was the most young pilot of Boeing 747 in the USA, and in several years became one of the richest people in America. His lifestyle was so extreme, as well as his business. The closed receptions, magnificent blondes, abrupt wheelbarrows and risk transactions. He had talent to make money from air.

7.2 117790

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Several months later after murder of the daughter Mildred Heys criminals aren't found. The desperate woman makes up the mind to a courageous step, renting on entry into the city three billboards with the message to the authoritative Police Chief William Uilloubi. When in a situation also the deputy sheriff, infantile mother's darling with tendency to violence, the officer Dixon is involved, fight between Mildred and city authorities is only aggravated.

8.2 288251

How to Be a Latin Lover

In Máximo's childhood I have resolved that will never work, and will find to itself the rich wife. And in 10 years he really managed to marry the elderly successor of retail network. 25 years later Máximo enjoys the millionaire's life when his adored spouse suddenly decides to find to herself the gentleman more young and throws out the ex-husband on the street flat broke. There is nothing to do, it is necessary to lodge at the divorced sister whom they didn't see eternity and to begin hunting for for the new rich woman.

5.9 10617

Logan Lucky

Have discharged from office? Prepare the most impudent robbery in the history! Jimmy Logan immediately selects the team of the "experts" capable of such swindle, and hopes to come off clear. Be as Logan!

7.0 95848

The Hitman's Bodyguard

He is a world-class bodyguard. His new work — to protect the killer whom all dream to kill. He also with pleasure would finish off this reptile. But work — is work: deadly enemies in the past, they are forced to unite in the present to survive. However their methods are so various, and the principles are opposite that a question of survival — under a big question.

6.9 147223

Lady Bird

Christina Macpherson studies at conservative Catholic school in Sacramento. She looks for herself, the place in the world and tries to be not similar to others. Her hair are painted in strange red-pink color, and Lady Byord she has named herself and quite so asks her to call. And her main dream — to escape from this provincial remote place and to go to study to New York.

7.5 151218

The Big Sick

In process of development of the relations the loving couple should face the cultural distinctions.

7.6 95350

Girls Trip

Four best friends go to an annual festival to New Orleans. Not only dances, binge, flirtation and adventures wait for girls; masks will be thrown off, the wild parties — are revealed.

6.2 26726

Battle of the Sexes

Rivalry history between the 55-year-old champion of Wimbledon Bobbie Riggs and the 29-year-old tennis-player Billey Jean King. The legendary match which has taken place in 1973 has brought together more than 50 million Americans near screens and has proved that professional sportswomen are capable to compete with male colleagues as equals.

6.7 37943


The group of beach rescuers works at the coast of the Pacific Ocean. They always are on the post and protect vacationers from accidents on water. The main character, the skilled rescuer Mitch Byyukennon, and his young colleague Matt Brody accidentally learn that their beach is under the threat of disappearance. The owner of pathos night club, in combination local "drug baron", tries to appropriate the coast. The young woman buys up all real estate, without shunning intimidations and murders of owners of the land plots.

5.6 119847


History of the senior pupil who is forced to hide the pregnancy from family, friends and the school management.

3.6 173

War Machine

The general Stanley Makkristal — an odious figure in the history of anti-terrorist operations of the USA. Rapid take-off and early resignation because of the scandalous article Rolling Stone in 2010 became one of the events which are most discussed on the political sidelines, having caused the mass of rumors and the assumptions. The movie is based on the documentary book by the reporter Michael Hastings and devoted to the Afghan period in military career of Makkristal.

6.0 31917

Breakable You

The Broadway playwright unexpectedly finds the lost manuscript of the dead friend. Without thinking twice, he decides to give his work for the.

5.3 160

Last Flag Flying

30 years later after service in Vietnam the former doctor of naval infantry Larry "Dok" Shepherd meets old friends and colleagues, Sal Nilon and the Reverend Richard Müller again to bury the son — the naval infantryman killed in the war in Iraq.

6.9 16233

I, Tonya

It was necessary to the American figure skater Tonja Harding hardly: at first the heavy childhood with terrible mother, then heavy youth, early marriage with the easy rider and failures at competitions because of the estimates underestimated by judges. And then there was a scandal: during the major competitions the idea to intimidate the competitor goes not according to the plan …

7.5 115021

Class Rank

Class Rank - the American romantic comedy movie of 2017 of the director Eric Stolts is also written by Benjamin Augustus. Movie stars Olivia Holt, Skylar Gizondo, Bruce Dern, Sean Kavano, Christine Chenovet and Cathleen Chaltant. The movie has received world a premiere at the Film festival in Newport Beach on April 21, 2017.

6.3 639

Born Guilty

Martie is the creative director. He has a magnificent work and the delightful girl. In total nothing, only life is saddened by mother living one in New York. Unmarried Judith believes that she is necessary to nobody, even to the son. She calls him at any time to share a grief. Having decided that from him it is enough, Martie convinces the companion, the hopeless optimist, to flirt with mother.

3.9 106

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

Eight years have passed since police officers Martin Ward and David Buchard cooperated to solve a series of cruel murders. Two absolutely unlike people nevertheless remained friends, but already a year don't keep in contact. But when swindlers without shame and conscience have begun to hijack cars, old workmates have understood that it is time for them to unite the forces and to catch bandits.

6.7 2943

Mrs. Hyde

Madam Zhekil is an excentric teacher who in a penny is put by neither colleagues, nor pupils. Once in storm night the lightning gets in it, and this incident extremely changes the heroine. In mild madam devil Mrs. Hyde wakens. Imperious and dangerous to people around, she lives in madam Zhekil and waits for an opportunity to revenge the offenders.

5.4 635

The Man Who Invented Christmas

After series of professional failures the young writer Charles Dickens decides to write also on own means to release "Christmas Carol".

7.0 5674

The Death of Stalin

USSR, 1953. The country trembles with fear of one person. On March 5 the Secretary general has died. When the great leader leaves, there comes time of race for power. The race has begun!

7.2 48837


Ferdinand is the most good-natured bull in all Spain. Despite the impressive sizes and remarkable force, he since the childhood preferred to sit on a lawn and to admire flowers instead of butting with other bulls. By ridiculous accident Ferdinand has been chosen among other tribespeople for participation in a bullfight in Madrid.
Ferdinand should defend the peaceful beliefs and to remind us that even in the face of difficulties the main thing — to remain itself. Only this way it is also possible to change the world around.

6.7 33619

Panic Attack

Unpleasant incident in which ordinary people get involved in a whirlwind of unexpected incidents that considerably changes their life.
The attractive author of detective stories on an appointment meets the former. The married couple which is coming back from a holiday chooses the worst places on the plane. The young girl risks to be exposed by girlfriends that she is a porn star. The bride by means of the dog psychologist gives birth at own wedding. And at this time the waiter tries to save the planet.
The bravura comedy in which nothing is such, apparently, and the ordinary turns into the true madness...

6.2 545

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

All assembled: the earthling Peter Kvill (the Star Lord), the silent strapper Draks, the zelenokozhy mercenary Gamora, a live tree of Grut and the speaking raccoon. Heroes don't change themselves and with enviable regularity continue to get into inconceivable situations, getting out of them almost without damage (and sometimes even with advantage) for people around. This time they should open one of the most important secrets in all Galaxy: who actually Peter Kvill's father?

7.7 417067


"Smallfoot" overturns the myth of bigfutah upside down. In it a young resourceful Yeti is faced with the fact that his deep conviction that there is no man. News on "smolfute" brought him fame and a chance to win the girl of his dreams. And yet-cause a stir among ordinary Yeti who now wonder what else lives in the big world outside their small snowbound villages.

6.8 4079

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Four teenagers appear in the game "Jumanji". They are waited by a fight with rhinoceroses, black mambas, and infinite series of traps and puzzles will trap continually. To play a game and to survive, they should reincarnate in characters of a game: shy and timid Spencer turns into the brave and strong researcher, the healthy fellow Fridzh — into the pudge, the woman of fashion and the beauty Bettany — into professor, and clumsy and awkward Marta becomes the fearless and dexterous amazon. Friends should get used to absolutely new and to such roles, unusual for themselves and to find a way home.

7.0 210320

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

When the headquarters of secret service of Kingsman is destroyed, and the whole world has appeared in hostages at unknown, the British superspies find out that in one day together with their organization the U.S. intelligence — Statesman has been still created. Now these two elite intelligence agencies have to unite and throw down a challenge to the general ruthless enemy to save the world, that is to be engaged in what for Eggsi becomes a commonplace …

6.8 205930

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