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The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Pathologists of the small town receive a body of the victim of mysterious murder — the beautiful and young girl for no apparent reason of death. They try to find out who is she and as died, finding more and more fancy hints which conduct to the mysteries of her life and death.

6.8 71921

The Bad Batch

The futuristic anti-Utopia is developed in the territory of America where all objectionable to society people are expelled in the Texas desert which is fenced off from a civilization. The girl Arleene on arrival on the wild territory is caught by group of cannibals, and before the newcomer absolutely sad prospects — to fight for life at any cost or to be slowly eaten loom.

5.3 19591

The Boy

The successful English family employs the American nurse for the son. Having arrived to the new place of work, the nurse finds out that her ward not the so real boy, but a doll in the human growth which handle, as with the living person. But the disturbing events which are taking place after the nurse violates the established strict rules force it to believe that the doll can really be live.

6.0 67128

The Conjuring 2

The movie is based on a case which the practicing researchers of the paranormal phenomena Ad and Lorraine Uorreny faced. This time the call will be from the northern suburb of London where the family consisting of four children and single mother is attacked by otherworldly forces. Spouses should find out, what nature of these phenomena, whether the poltergeist it, or something else, and the main thing - why this house and this family.

7.4 187767

The Forest

American Sara moves off in searches of the sister twin who enigmatically disappeared on the Japanese island of Honshu. Search leads to Mount Fuji foot to the mysterious forest which uses ill fame. Sara did not suspect that she enters the gloomy world of ghosts, the evil and exhausted souls which hunt any who wanders on their gloomy wood.

4.8 35744

The Girl with All the Gifts

War of the worlds did not end. The planet was affected by a terrible virus. The infected individuals began to attack people, having put mankind on a disappearance side. The only hope — the second generation infected, dangerous, but possessing phenomenal, higher, than at people, intelligence. They — a key to creation of saving vaccine. Therefore they are kept in the special bunker, preserving against contacts with the outside world. But once the situation gets out of hand.

6.7 44801

The KAOS Brief

The plot of the American fantastic horror film The KAOS Brief is developed around mysterious group of hackers activists which itself calls KAOS. Only really talented experts who are capable to crack any information devices enter into this team. However they resort to this ability only when they need to make investigation of some mysterious events. These hackers are masked and very much try to keep the anonymity as much can not like their activity. And once they cracked local TV channel to run on the air the confidential video records found by them which they came across in the hidden files...

4.4 134

The Neon Demon

The provincial Jesse dreaming to become by supermodel, having hardly graduated from school, goes to submit Los Angeles. Through thorns (one, without money, others city, cheap motel), but also through the necessary acquaintances, photoshoots, parties — to stars. And this sweet word "glory" becomes былью for the young beauty. But it is necessary to pay for rapid career take-off — competitors out of hatred and mad envy are ready for a lot of things.

6.2 70188

The Purge: Election Year

Welcome to the ideal future in which Judgment night turned into the international trend. Tourists from around the world arrive to the airports of America: only once in a year everything is allowed here, main – to live up to dawn.

6.0 78181

The Cleanse

Having lived several years with the broken heart, Paul decides to begin new life, having joined spiritual group which purpose — clarification from toxic agents and thoughts. But it becomes clear that such cleaning releases from a body and something much more serious.

5.4 1132

The Midnight Man

Grady is a unique mercenary, he can do performance of the most difficult tasks. Neither the customer, nor at Grady has no fears that he under tortures can lay out important information. He has surprising quality: as a result of a genetic disorder of Grady does not feel pain at all. The hero carelessly gets involved in fights and is involved in firefights while he does not find out one morning that now he is capable to feel pain …

4.8 2316

The Thinning

Near future. Resources of the planet are exhausted because of overpopulation. The UN demands from all countries to reduce the number of the population by 5% annually. All pupils of schools in the USA annually take standard examination. The gathered smallest number of points are liable to physical destruction. Official number of examination – 10-241. But usually it is called... Elimination.

5.6 7849

The Wailing

In the remote forest village of Kokson there are awful things - people suddenly become covered by ulcers, strange behave and even attack the family. Already there were several murders. Police in confusion. Judging by rumors, whether some poisonous mushrooms, whether the visitor the Japanese are guilty. The local police officer Chong-gu looks at the events quite otstranyonno, but exactly until this nightmare does not concern his daughter.

7.4 33458

Train to Busan

At small SU An birthday. The girl lives with the father in Seoul and very much wants to go to mother to Busan. On the road it happens unforeseen, and the mysterious virus falls upon the country. Passengers of the train to Busan - the only city which reflected the attacks of a virus - should fight for survival. 442 kilometers in way. Welcome to a board also you remember - in this race to survive insufficiently to remain the person.

7.5 103738

Underworld: Blood Wars

The warrior vampire Selena enters the last and decisive fight between werewolves and clan of vampires which betrayed her.

5.8 61366


The widower with the daughter move to the new house in hope for the better life.

5.1 4241

Wolves at the Door

The plot of a picture will tell about the events which took place in Los Angeles in 1969 when four friends who decided to spend night in the smart mansion were surrounded by the quartet of cruel murderers.

4.5 2389

The Shallows

The boundless ocean, the deserted beach and ideal weather for surfers in search of a good wave. It would seem, nothing portends a trouble for the charming lover of surfing alone. Unless an appointment in private with a huge shark who will tire out the sportswoman on a sandy shallow and will not recede until receives the.

6.3 104094

The Belko Experiment

80 employees of the international corporation are blocked in multystoried office building. On internal communication of the company the unknown voice urges them to participate in deadly game of survival. They will have to perform a number of sophisticated tasks, first of which — to kill the colleagues causing the greatest irritation. Otherwise organizers of an experiment will shoot all. A game began!

6.1 37146

Ghost Net

The discovery that three surfers make whilst camping on a deserted beach shows them that everything washes ashore eventually.

3.3 102

Gehenna: Where Death Lives

The American corporation sends the employee to the island of Saipan in the Pacific Ocean to see the site bought by the intermediary and to estimate the potential for future resort. Despite protests and preventions local (in the bought territory allegedly there are sacred burials), the group of four people accompanied by the conductor goes to examine the area. There they find the Japanese bunker of times of World War II and decide to find out, construction underground how deeply stretches.

5.0 920

Lights Out

When Rebecca left a home, she thought that her children's fears remained behind. She was never sure by the child that is real and that is not present when light died away, and now her younger brother Martin endures the same inexplicable and awful events which once tested her mind for durability and its safety threatened. Frightening something, enigmatically attached to their mother Sofie, appeared again. But this time Rebecca approaches a truth solution, and there is no doubt left that it is in danger of their life as soon as light is turned off any more.

6.3 97470


History of five people who were kidnapped in five days prior to Halloween and were captives in hell created by the person. There they should play on survival in cruel game under the name "31".

5.1 14575


Sara lost the husband in road accident recently and now thinks only of the child - their general kid whom it carries in itself. Spending Christmas one in the big house, it becomes subject to prosecution of the stranger having own plans for yet not born kid.

5.0 2282


The employee on elimination of accidents goes to the remote confidential branch where has to investigate and estimate losses from incident. On the place she learns that the incident was caused, apparently, by innocent "person" whose existence in itself is a secret.

5.8 34506

Amish Witches: The True Story of Holmes County

To disperse rumors and legends, the team of TV men goes to the kingdom of Holmes, the State of Ohio, for documenting of life of the isolated sect of Amishes, at this moment, one of witches perishes. After its funeral, the small group of young women asked about service, to document the inexplicable actions which are continuously pursuing them. But, as quickly they will find out that the malicious force pursuing them to seek to kill all.

5.2 147

Boo! A Madea Halloween

Uneasy daddy worries that his teenage daughter did not do affairs for Halloween. She is going to celebrate it with friends and to spend time at a cool party. Her father asks elderly Medea to see to her and promises to pay for it. Medea agrees, but she also did not assume that it should face this night ghosts, killers, the paranormal phenomena, the zombie and frightening spirits.

4.6 6643

Don't Breathe

Robbers get into the house of the lonely blind old man with the purpose to steal the huge sum which, by hearsay, is hidden somewhere inside. It would seem – what can be simpler, than take out money from the house of almost helpless person. But they cruelly are mistaken: pursued becomes the persecutor. And the secret which he keeps is much more terrible, than usual pension savings.

7.1 180713


Major events shown in this picture are deployed during the second world war. The main characters are two American paratroopers. They will penetrate the Germans occupied the village, which is located on the territory of Normandy. Paratroopers well-trained soldiers, who used to follow the motto "nobody except us." However, this time they have to face not only with German soldiers but also with Paranormal phenomena that arose as a result of the Nazi experiments in this location.

6.9 30043

The Litch

An undead zombie wizard known as "The Litch" is hell-bent on devouring his victims and possessing the weak when his sacred crystal is stolen by a small-time crook and his crew of ...

2.9 74

Darkness Reigns

The film crew of the horror film chose for shooting in hotel where by hearsay there are reductions. There the team comes to remove additional materials for DVD when on the platform the real attraction of horrors begins.

5.0 481

Triassic World

The secret laboratory in the middle of the megalopolis grows up dinosaurs to use their bodies for transplantation to people. For this purpose to pangolins human hormones and proteins are entered previously. But everything goes not so when injections begin to render unexpected side effect.

3.1 254

Mom and Dad

From outside the family Ryan seems ideal — the husband makes good money, the beauty wife, two children. But problems are in any family. The daughter senior pupil ceased to communicate with mother and drags at her money from a purse. The younger brother constantly lifts up the sister, parents too hardly find a common language. Suddenly on TV begin to transmit a strange signal, and all parents who heard it attack own children. Ryan is a high time for spouses to begin to work in team and to sort out the relations all family.

5.5 14226

The Small Woman in Grey

Days off promise to be very saturated: the company from six people goes to the forest. They have grandiose plans and the sea of opportunities for their implementation. But to two it is not really comfortable – before Stevie and Stacey met, and now he has love affairs with her best friend, and she found a consolation in embraces of his friend. And in the company there is Richard who enrages all. He openly expresses the hatred to gays, and in their group there are two representatives of this direction. He promises to restrain if they do not begin to play pranks in a tent at night. Alex is late, and Tiffany can not arrive at all. The others decide to drink a little. In the middle of the party between children there is a conflict and Stevie decides to walk on the wood where it meets Alex. After the company well drank and even danced, they welcome guests – hunters on ghosts. They tell friends an ancient legend which says that the woman's ghost lives in these forests. She wears gray clothes and does not love when someone rushes into its possession. Her name is Jessica and she hung herself in this forest, having stopped the newborn child dying on the earth. Children laughed, but soon laughter began to escape from a throat together with blood fountains.

3.8 56


The young man living in Manchester by the name of Michael leads absolutely useless life: he spends the days or at labor exchange to fruitless job searches, or in pub. But so proceeds exactly until, events of the movie "Dependence" do not begin yet: then there is its accidental, but fatal acquaintance to Li. This girl reduces it with the uncle, the owner of Seventh Sky salon. It seems, the guy at last was lucky - offer him work, let and not the most prestigious. But it is better to be the bouncer, than at all Michael so decides not to be and agrees to the doubtful proposal of Mr. Yen.

5.0 545

Monster Family

At powerful Dracula's will all family Uishboun faces "monstrichesky" problems: mother turns into the vampire, the father — into Frankenstein, and their children — into a mummy and the werewolf. Now they have to rally to defeat the lord of darkness and again to become not only people, but also a close-knit family.

4.8 2924

Dark Vale

Events of a picture take place near the British capital. Tom and Leah – young couple, passing on the wood, have accident. Having decided to examine the area where they had to get stuck, heroes will come across ruins of the old church erected here in the Middle Ages. The girl and the young man are going to examine the place attracting to itself the unique gloom and mysteriousness. But exactly here couple is noticed by lady Lucie's ghost – the girl who died in this church in day of the wedding.

So it turned out that before a wedding Lucie once caught the beloved with the mistress. In an anger attack the girl killed at first the groom, then the competitor then reduced scores with own life. Now she entices people into "Valley" then she cruelly deals shortly with them. This time all revenge of Lucie is aimed at Tom and Leah. Having appeared within Lucie's territory, heroes, having understood that to them not to escape from here live, begin fight against it. During opposition the girl and the guy are divided. The poisoned Leah continues to look for Thomas while the guy tries to get out of this terrible place and looks for a way to cope with Lucie's ghost.

3.9 77


Six medical students who went to a week-end to the forest are attacked by a certain being. One by one friends catch "an animal disease", turning into mad blood-thirsty beings, and the planned rest turns into a nightmare.

4.1 1378

Island Zero

"The zero island" - the intense horror film from the American cinematographers. Events of a picture will transfer the viewer to a heavenly provincial spot which is located on the remote island, in the State of Maine. Inhabitants of the island lead measured life, never quarrel and are ready to come to the rescue each other. Inhabitants earns to himself a living by catching and sale of fish. Once a week to the island comes the ferry which brings people to the city where it is possible to stock up with provisions. In general, affairs go well and all inhabitants of island community are happy with the life. But, once, to rest and happiness the end comes. Everything begins with the fact that on the island all communication vanishes, and the ferry is late for several days...

4.5 706

The Omnipotence of Dreams

“It is dark and stormy night. Two strangers walk into a bar.” Unfortunately these two strangers walked into the wrong bar. This is a place where they will meet a crusty old-timer with a …

2.1 16


The man receives a mysterious box in which an awful secret — a nasty being sits. It periodically gets out that to kill somebody.

3.9 683

The Endless

Still children brothers Justin and Aaron ran from sect. In 10 years they receive the video message from members of a cult and decide to visit former "family". But, having returned, they understand that nobody sent the cartridge to them, and with this place something is obvious not so. That something otherworldly what sectarians trust in, exists actually.

6.5 17387

The Hollow Child

The girl was lost in a hollow, and then was. The family is happy, but her stepsister notices some strangenesses in behavior of the girl.

4.8 791

Grindhouse Nightmares

The almanac of stories about murderers and bad guys, including nuns on motorcycles I will also meet with the Devil.

2.0 145


Tyler never thought of God, did not put faith in the Lord above all. He just lived quietly, thought of the future and wanted to be happy. When he understood that he found the only, decided to live with it together in the certain house which will become their cozy nest. He was even ready to make Anna the proposal, bought a ring and invited the younger brother to be at a wedding a best man. But it is unexpected for Tyler, the girlfriend refused, and did not want to explain the reason. She escaped, having left the guy in perplexity and confusions. Then Anna returned having told that she is simply not ready even to marriage. Before her eyes there was a bitter experience of mother. Early in the morning at a door the arrived grandmother and the grandfather knocked. They called the grandson with themselves on a mass that he listened to the new pastor. And having seen the unfamiliar girl, were revolted with sinfulness of their communication. And what he creates with the life now it, on their belief, the present is evil.

3.0 48

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End

Todd tries to return friendship with Curtis after killed his girl Hanna. Atticus escapes from book captivity, and at school the new Prophet of the True Evil appears.

7.0 198

Paranormal Evil

Heroes of the fantastic thriller "Paranormal Angrily Online", brothers Justin and Aaron, being children lived in the religious community where, as well as all other "brothers and sisters", worshipped an unknown being, without asking a question of sense of the belief. But the they became more senior, the more clearly understood that life of their "family" significantly differs from that that ordinary people conduct. Especially those mystical rituals which were necessary attribute of existence of sectarians frightened brothers. Becoming is more senior, all of them realized more clearly that all of them do not want to be a part of it, and as a result decided to leave sect.

Brothers managed to find the place in the world of ordinary people, memories of the past were erased from their memory. But, as it appeared, they were not forgotten by members of community. After several years of normal life brothers received the message from former "relatives" who invited them to return. In case of disobedience they are waited by a cruel penalty. Justin and Aaron decide not to pay attention to an appeal, but soon notice the signs indicating approach of a serious trouble. Young people do not want to come under influence of sectarians, but to defend the freedom becomes too dangerously.

2.1 59

Before I Wake

The young couple which lost the little son has the second chance of happy life when they take from wonderful eight-year-old Cody's shelter. For the reason unknown to them he very much is afraid to fall asleep at night, but soon it turns out what put in an unusual gift of Cody — while it sleeps, his dreams come to life. Every night to new parents either fine visions of his imagination, or chilling generations of its nightmares can be. And these nightmares — are deadly.

6.2 31167

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