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Bird Box

The storyline of this picture wrapped around a single mother from whom at the hands of two minor children.In the story "bird boxes" around the planet began strange things going on.The thing is that people are starting to go crazy, seeing if something incomprehensible.People are killing each other.Our heroine embarks on a journey in search of survivors who are not affected by this epidemic.The beauty of this situation is that in no event it is impossible to look at the things around, no matter how attractive they are.

6.7 131537


Amanda desperately looks for work and once she is lucky: the woman finds a vacancy in hotel of the small town. However Amanda does not know that on it her luck comes to an end. Fight, but now — for survival is necessary to her again.

3.6 391

Lake Alice

The family Thomas goes to the house in the forest to celebrate Christmas together with the daughter. They did not see each other long ago and decided to unite a holiday with one event: acquaintance to the young man of the daughter. However their first meeting can be the last.

4.2 1482

Lego Scooby-Doo! Blowout Beach Bash

After disclosure of the next business the team of detectives goes to have a rest on "The cool beach" where the competition on "separation" has to be held. Having arrived to hotel, they learn that the beach was attacked by spirits of pirates of Ulyot and the Beach, founders of "The cool beach", and stole piracy hats which awarded winners of competitions. Fred Jones and Velma Dinkli should prove to the friends that they are able to have a really good time, and to the team of detectives — to save the beach and to expose the swindlers disappearing under masks of pirates.

5.6 360

Coffin 2

Tric is among five paralyzed hostages. So far the FBI agent and the former detective use all possible efforts to find them, the group of unfortunate tries to be chosen and avoid awful death.

4.2 2958

Ajin: Demi-Human

The student Kaye Nagai had to die under truck wheels, but suddenly recovered. To own amazement and the crowd which surrounded it the guy appeared adziny — an immortal being with ability of full regeneration. Of course, the government cannot disregard adzin, and Kaye was placed in laboratory where made over it brutal experiments — amputated extremities and killed many times, observing as the guy comes to life again and again. Once this torment Sato, too адзин, already once released the present ally Tanaka from there storms. Sato suggests Kaye to join their group to revenge people, and, having been refused, makes demands to the government of Japan.

6.6 922


During the zombie apocalypse at the man the wife perishes, and he remains with the daughter baby. But he was bitten too, and now the father had 48 hours to manage to find trustees for the baby.

6.3 23208

Open Water 3: Cage Dive

Three American students decided to write down the extreme rest on video: deep-water immersion in a cage to a big white shark in South Australia. A cheerful adventure — such entertainment it seemed for friends. But the catastrophic turn of events sorted things out: friends appeared in the high sea alone with a big white shark.

4.1 2889

Black Creek

The problem teenager, his sister and friends come back to a family forest lodge in Wisconsin to dispel the father's ashes over the wood. But the ancient Indian spirit awakened by ritual murder is out for their blood.

2.7 133

Knights of the Damned

The king sends the best knights to strike the dragon who attacked the lock. During the dangerous adventure knights face artful sirens, the female soldiers who are eager for revenge and invincible army of living dead. Whether it will manage to them to survive and save the kingdom?

2.4 281

Robert and the Toymaker

Events of the movie are developed in 1941 in Nazi Germany. The mystical book having ability to give eternal life falls into hands of the ordinary dealer in dolls and to inhale life in lifeless. It is obvious that the book is of huge interest to the Fuhrer therefore the Gestapo opens hunting for an igrushechnik.

3.9 394

The Babysitter

The teenager by the name of Cole was very lucky, he has the most beautiful, popular and cool nurse from all possible. The guy does not notice that how he completely falls in love with Bee who has to spend one more night in his house while parents have a rest at a party. She puts him to bed in the evening, but Cole out of curiosity decides to get up at night and to look, than its nurse is engaged at this time. Having left the room, he observes quite terrible and strange picture – Bee together with several friends cruelly deals shortly with some guy directly in the middle of the living room. The girl not just kills him, and does it as if in some ceremony. From the words of the company the young hero learns news, very unpleasant for himself – he has to fall the following victim, for end of a ceremony blood of the innocent is necessary.

Having called the police, Cole decides not to sit out in the room, and to give battle of the cranky company which wanted to kill him. The teenager will use all the knowledge and abilities to win this opposition and to survive. Bee and her friends open bloody hunting for the unfortunate fellow, but they could not present that their victim will be so uncompromising and cunning. Whether Cole will be able to worry this crazy night and to stop the mad nurse?

6.3 41664

The Little Vampire 3D

It is a story about the little vampire Rudolph — the thirteen-year-old boy whose family is pursued by the malicious vampires hunter. Once Rudolph meets the ordinary boy, Tony, the peer. Tony is crazy about ancient castles and terrifying stories about vampires therefore he without deliberating offers Rudolph the help. Now this couple is waited by cheerful and improbable adventures and opposition with the vampires hunter.

5.4 816

Awaken the Shadowman

The quarreled brothers are reconciled after mysterious disappearance of their mother. They suspect that behind it there is certain supernatural force and that something can be behind them.

4.4 1565

Darkness Rising

Having captured couple of friends, the girl comes back to the old abandoned house of the childhood where once long ago she was nearly killed by own mother.

3.3 1160


Doctor Alice studies nightmares and behavior of people in a dream, itself at the same time suffers from paranoid images. She tries to help young family to get rid of improbable horror which they face every night. But during work the woman should refuse standard methods of treatment and to realize that at night something otherworldly gets into souls of this family. To save patients from the evil, it should meet face to face own fears which pursue her all life.

4.7 2682


The family which is fenced off from the world around involves the famous expert in occult sciences to pull out the son from the ominous sect obsessed with a cult of violence. But in attempt to stop process of capture of his mind, the family is locked in a country house in the depth of the wood in an environment of the ruthless sectarians who decided to return the gone member of the sect.

4.7 2212

Most Beautiful Island

The emigrant Lyusiana tries to survive in New York. The woman cannot come back home and does not want therefore she grabs any opportunity to earn — to distribute leaflets on the street, nurses other people's spoiled children. Once the Russian girlfriend Olga offers lungs, at first sight, money. It is necessary to accompany guests at a party for the high fee, and Lyusiana agrees with pleasure.

5.6 2181


As a result of the failed business the private detective receives the taintsvenny ominous book diary in the order. He decides to read it and, without suspecting that, involves himself and the daughter in deadly fight fight for their lives and souls.

5.5 835

Jeepers Creepers III

23 years ago Gayler Brendon lost the son Kenny who was gobbled up by an awful monster, and now lives in the remote house together with the granddaughter Eddison. When in the district the monster on the infernal van appears again, Gayler is the son and says that that will return to take away the property which Kenny dug near the house. In the same time the sheriff who was already earlier dealing with the flying sharp-clawed monster tries to organize local police to put an end to these excesses.

4.0 13586

Devil's Whisper

15-year-old Alejandro Duren seeks to become one of Catholic priests. But once Alex finds a mysterious box and involuntarily the evil ghost releases. The hero has to find a way to defeat this ancient demon tormenting people from the very beginning of times until it destroyed his and his relatives.

4.2 491


History of several psychopaths continuing heritage of the murderer who was put in one row with the greatest maniacs of America.

3.8 331


The group of teenagers decides to stop motorists and force them to participate in the real car racing further. Owners strength of mind are waited by something unusual. But not fair rates lead to consequences where one of participants for the sake of revenge decides on the most desperate act.
At the time of another race, two cars collide and one of drivers perishes. But, he comes back, only in shape of the ghost. He appears in a black car and begins to revenge for own death. One by one bastards died after the meeting with a ghost. But here is how only business reaches the chief criminal, events are developed in a different way. Something occurs not according to the plan, now the malefactor should get out of current situation.

3.5 335

Victor Crowley

In 2007 nine people were literally broken off on pieces on swamps of Louisiana. Within the last ten years the only survived Andrew Yoong continued to repeat as if this slaughter was made by awful Victor Crowley from a local legend, however nobody trusted the guy. And now the destiny returns Andrew to the place of the tragedy to push off face to face with the blood-thirsty ghost from the past.

5.6 2913


On an ancient legend, demons hunt for souls of twins to take control of their bodies in the real world. After loss of one of twins at Mary's families feels constant fear for the second child. But the stronger it fear, the more sharply it is felt by demons, and the closer they to the twin.

5.3 2398


The terrible virus fell upon mankind — infected is not able to control itself at all. The rage, lust, fear and other emotions and impulses which are usually constrained by the civilized person escape outside, but in eight hours action of a virus takes place.

Derek Cho long also worked hard to achieve a good position in major law firm. Once the colleague with higher position and strong influence sets up him before the client both before the boss, and the virus gets to the same morning in their office skyscraper. The building is surrounded, the lawlessness begins to be created inside, and Derek decides to use this opportunity to restore justice.

6.3 10810

The Atoning

Living in the house which is in power of otherworldly forces, parents try to protect the little son from the gloomy secret capable to destroy their family.

4.2 573

47 Meters Down

Having a rest on solar beaches of Mexico, Lisa and her sister Kate decide on immersion in a cage to big white sharks. But the spectacular attraction is wrapped in a nightmare when the cage with two girls breaks on an ocean bottom. The help has no place to wait, and oxygen remains only for an hour. The only exit from a deadly trap — to float up through thickness of water which teems with the most furious predators of the ocean.

5.6 35945

Phoenix Forgotten

Sofie remembers the elder brother Josh very badly because 20 years ago, just in time celebrations of her sixth anniversary, all family became witnesses of an unusual luminescence in the sky over Arizona. After that Josh found adherents, and children decided to find out true nature of strange fires. Several days later three teenagers completely were gone. Now adult Sofie tries to learn what happened to her brother many years ago.

5.2 4375

The Nun

It is OK to take false steps when you are a teenager, it is unreasonable though to kick up something truly dangerous. Thus, a group of friends all too happy to have some unnerving experience from time to time, decide to peep into the parallel world. The protagonists of "Nun's Curse" movie have found some elder scrolls with instructions on how to call forth demons and for want of a better ideas decided to perform the forbidden ritual. All their lack of faith was quick to dissolve, when the guys reealised that they had unleashed a powerful creature of beyond, who craved to kill everyone for disturbing its peace. In an instant the small town was overwhelmed by incomprehensible events and only a chance has prevented a cataclysm.

5.9 20400

The Recall

Five friends are going to have a rest in the lonely house at the lake, and just at this time Earth is attacked by alien aggressors. And the purposes at them not so humane. Fortunately, in the forest the hunter who so just will not give mankind in offense is found.

4.4 5790

Better Watch Out

In the house on the quiet suburban small street the nurse tries to protect the twelve-year-old boy from burglars, but soon finds out that this not ordinary invasion.

6.5 19718


The school teacher of literature and the head of a chess circle Mr. Butler is very glad that the excellent student Loukas Ward was transferred to his school. The guy has the highest marks in all objects, and he adores literature, but on some questions has a little strange opinion. Mr. Butler does not agree with his conclusions in the composition and puts not the highest point. Now the teacher should learn that Loukas perfectly understands not only school objects, but also manipulation of people.

5.9 3690


At escape from a clinic for the insane, four teenagers kidnap the young nurse. The group of police officers led by the Texas ranger Hal Hartmen, vindictive and ruthless is started up in a pursuit of them. One of fugitives follows a way full of tragedies and horrors which will turn it into the maniac — a legend by the name of the Leather face.

5.0 14900

Devil's Acid

The drunk father tells the son for the night a story about group of people who spend night in prison with ghosts after all of them accepted "Devil acid". At some point they cease to distinguish reality from arrival

3.4 190

The Vault

During robbery of bank criminals open old storage which long ago nobody used. Having opened a forbidden door, they release to the world of ghosts.

4.8 9508

Happy Hunting

Warren, the alcoholic and the addict, receives news of death of the girlfriend which he once met. The girlfriend had a child who, most likely, was him. Warren goes to Mexico to resolve this issue. On the way it stops in the small town. Traditionally in this city hunted buffalo s, but when herds left, inhabitants switched to an unsuccessful part of the population.

5.1 1845

The Sandman

The eight-year-old girl Madison has unique abilities. She recovers the terrible monster from the nightmares — the Sand person, and he kills all who try to do much harm it …

4.6 991


American Brett, the former police officer, settles the security guard to the ancient castle in Sofia in Bulgaria. Soon in the lock strange frightening events begin to take place. Brett decides to understand in the history of the lock and to learn more about the previous workers and finds out that in depths of the lock evil forces which by all means want to escape outside hid.

4.4 1655

Amityville: The Awakening

Single mother moves with three children to the mysterious house, even without suspecting about the bloody past of their new dwelling. Each house has a history. At it is the terrible secret.

4.8 10068

Cult of Chucky

Nika Pearce spent four years in a clinic. She is convinced that she is guilty of death of family, but not a doll of Chaki. When the attending physician offers new option of therapy with a doll with a kind face, in a clinic people begin to perish, and Nika begins to think that its nightmares are real. Andy Barclay matured and hurries to the aid, but Tiffany — the bride Chaki ready for everything wants to prevent him to help the beloved.

5.2 15636


Originally the creators planned to withdraw the restart of the acclaimed film, but then it was decided to make it into the sequel to the first part, the events that unfolded 40 years later. In "Halloween" horrore multiple storylines that are intertwined, when at large would prove to be the most bloodthirsty maniac-Michael Myers. At the beginning of the narrative we are introduced to two journalists who decide to investigate crimes committed villain almost forty years ago. Then he brutally killed four teenagers. After his arrest, Myers was found insane, that helped him get into a psychiatric hospital instead of prison. There, he nearly perished at the hands of his own psychiatrist, shokirovannogo the terrible information, which he told the patient. Reporters visiting villain and try to get it, but they can't. In the end, they are sent back to the editor, unaware that a few hours later, the bus, carrying about a dozen more by Michael and patients will get in an accident. As a result, all patients are at large. Myers manages to track down it came to journalists. Maniac steals from them my mask and goes to Hjeddonfild to find and kill Laurie Strode, who has a daughter and granddaughter Karen Allison.

7.1 48971

The Crucifixion

In 2005 five priests are accused of murder of the nun over whom exorcism ceremony was carried out. The journalist Nichole begins the independent investigation. But in process of immersion in a chain of inexplicable events it becomes their integral part more and more and inclines more and more that attendants of a cult lost battle with demonic essence, and exorcism became the tool of the demon in his terrible ritual.

5.0 4606

Keep Watching

The family was concluded in own house by malefactors who play to the death. The dead of night, the rules of the game become clearer.

4.4 3004

It Comes at Night

The civilization is struck by the ominous epidemic turning infected in terrible monsters. The world plunges into intolerable horror. Escaping from death, the father hides the family in the abandoned house in a thicket. Once on a threshold of the house strangers appear.

6.2 63849

Mother Krampus

Adults, and especially kids with impatience expect arrival of Christmas holidays. It is first of all the festive, joyful atmosphere, a magic anticipation. And of course this set of different gifts with which children kind and careful Santa by all means will present. But the same time is suitable for arrival of an antipode of the good old man with a white beard. This is very spiteful and blood-thirsty Krampus. He likes to present children, depending on their behavior too. And those who behaved badly did not obey parents and plaid about, will receive from it something dreadful. This generation of the evil has mummy, not less awful and disgusting. Call the folklore character of Frau Perkhshte. She steals children's souls during a light holiday. This legend began to come true after residents of the town hung up careless mummy, and that managed to damn them.

3.8 476


The student Noel studies art, but her works lack emotional expressiveness. Once the girl is invited by the acquaintance Luke to a party to the hostel, takes away to the room and forces. And later behaves indifferently. Noel tries to report about the event to the management of the university, but faces indifference. Having decided to sort out the relations with Luke, the girl accidentally kills him then decides to deal with other local tyrants. Killing, Noel receives a charge of creative inspiration.

5.7 2700


In the city find several bodies which owners met definitely not the best end. All proofs indicate one person: John Kramer. But how it is possible? The person famous as Drank, it is dead more than ten years. Really after all there was the one who risked to pick up a cloak of the cruel maniac?

5.8 52446

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