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The Lodgers

Twins Rachael and Edward — the only heirs of the ancient estate about which the gloomy rumor goes long ago. Say as if the house is damned, and something lodged in it other that inspires in people evil will. Disobedience is punished by terrible torments.

To destroy an ancient damnation — the mad idea, but the first love and unsatiable inclination to the young soldier push young Rachael on a desperate step.

5.1 5473

Monster Family

At powerful Dracula's will all family Uishboun faces "monstrichesky" problems: mother turns into the vampire, the father — into Frankenstein, and their children — into a mummy and the werewolf. Now they have to rally to defeat the lord of darkness and again to become not only people, but also a close-knit family.

4.7 2748

Wish Upon

The silent unlucky person Claire receives as a gift from the father an ancient casket. To her surprise it turns out that the casket is able to grant desires. Now it will settle accounts with all who laughed at it. Desires are granted, but not absolutely as Claire conceived, and with each new desire of a consequence become more terrible. What else payment will be asked by a casket in exchange and what for the ancient evil disappears in it?

5.1 13467

The Ritual

Four former schoolmates go hiking in mountains and forests to honor memory of the died friend. At first they adhere to the standard route, but then decide to walk a little aside from a natoptanny track and find the strange house in the forest.

6.3 45386

The Neighbor

The man of average years lives in the marriage reminding the stagnant swamp. But his life is changed when to the neighboring house new residents drive: attractive young woman and her aggressive husband.

5.7 6249

Devil's Gate

The FBI agent Darina Francis investigates case of disappearance of Maria Prichard and her son John. Maria Jackson's spouse Prichard what the sister of gone reported about becomes the main suspect. And it is valid, difficult not to suspect him — the man fitted a fence a barbed wire, drove in windows, set around traps and other terrible traps, looks and behaves as though it is obvious not in itself. Having arrived to the house Prichardov for 50 miles from the city and having arrested Jackson, the agent Francis together with the local police officer Salter become witnesses of strange things: all cars fail, phones do not turn on, and the terrible thunderstorm suddenly begins. It seems that they should spend night in the house alone with the detainee.

5.1 2493

Once Upon a Time at Christmas

In twelve days prior to Christmas residents of the quiet snow-covered town of Vudridzh become the victims of cruel murders of mentally ill people of Santa and Missis Claus. While the police try to protect people, it becomes clear that all killed are connected by one young girl who can fall the last victim in Santa Claus's list. Slaughter continues, and corpses become more and more. And it is similar, nobody will be able to stop murders, there will not come Christmas yet.

3.4 247

Tragedy Girls

In the small sleepy town there is nothing to be engaged, and nothing occurs. Almost nothing, except the serial killer who is active in the district in a mask. Two girlfriends senior pupils, his big fans, keep the video blog about murders. Girls manage to catch the maniac and decide to arrange entertainment to themselves and to people around — young psychopaths begin to kill all who are not pleasant to them. What you will only not go for the sake of likes and subscribers to.

6.0 6124

The Osiris Child

Joe is the sergeant who came back from Iraq. After return his life gets derailed. Within a year he tries to collect the strength, but eventually decides to begin treatment of a post-traumatic syndrome.

5.6 5715

Death Note

The capable student Layt finds mysterious Death Note which can kill any whose name to enter in it. The guy decides to begin a mission for cleaning of streets of criminals. Soon the student vigilante finds out that he is pursued by the known profayler of FBI disappearing under pseudonym L.

4.6 62654

The Hatred

Four girls go for the weekend to a new country house of professor of college — yet without knowing that they are fated to face the ominous past of the house and its inhabitants.

3.7 1652

Little Evil

Gary marries the woman of the dream — the beauty Samantha. She considers well-loved by the ideal husband and the potential father for the five-year-old son Loukas too. Only the boy so does not consider. He does not talk to the stepfather and in general behaves strange — looks a wolf, is not on friendly terms with other children, and around it constantly there are accidents. Gary even went for collective therapy where stepfathers share the problems and complain of little little devils, but Gary's problem is far more serious: his stepson is Antichrist.

5.7 14496

The Monster Project

Devon and Jahmal shoot fake videos about monsters and spread them on Youtube. They decide to go further — publish the announcement of search of those mentally ill people who consider themselves by a monster and wish to participate in shooting. Three who responded were called the vampire, the werewolf and obsessed with the demon, and the ex-girlfriend of Devon and Jahmal's friend are connected to the project. The company rents the old house in the forest and in a new moon invites monsters to shooting — the great place and time to spend unforgettable night in the cheerful company.

4.4 2178

The Night Watchmen

The favourite of Baltimore the clown Blimpo went to tours to Romania and there died under mysterious circumstances. He comes back home in a coffin which is mistakenly delivered not to that address — to office building. During this night shift duty security guards, besides eating of donuts, viewing of a porn and card play, will have one more interesting occupation — they should beat off hordes of blood-thirsty vampires. Blimpo will suit fun to all city.

5.3 1522

Resident Evil: Vendetta

Expert of B.S.A.A. Chris Redfield helps the government agent Leon S. Kennedy and professor Rebecca Chambers from Institute of biotechnologies. The Trinity should resist to the mad scientist Erias and his army of walking dead persons.

6.3 8109

Ghost House

The young couple goes to a travel to Thailand. In rural areas they find the cemetery with the "houses of ghosts" which are at it where, on local beliefs, spirits find rest. Having imprudence to profane a shrine of lovers cruel supernatural force begins to pursue. It immerses heroes in the abyss of chilling horror of the other world of which there is no exit.

4.7 3177

Don't Sleep

Zac and his girl remove housing at married couple of Marino — Vincenta and Joan. And the last live in the neighboring mansion. On the new place Zac begins to see nightmares which tormented him in the childhood and for which he was long treated. But now these nightmares take even more frightening forms. Later in Marino's house strange things begin to occur …

3.3 800


Four girlfriends after the hen party go to a wedding to one of them. On the road there is a fatal accident. Girls decide to hide incident and to hide a corpse. So they appear in the forest where find the house of Ms. Perkins at whom stop on a lodging for the night. Next day one of girlfriends completely disappears. And eccentricities of Ms. Perkins are very suspicious …

4.2 428

The Dark Tower

Наш мир — не единственный из существующих. Заклятые враги Роланд Дискейн, последний из ордена стрелков, и Уолтер О’Дим, известный также как Человек в черном, ведут извечную борьбу. На кону — мифическая Темная Башня, последний оплот и надежда вселенной, без которой мир будет повержен в полный хаос и разрушение. Силам добра и зла суждено столкнуться в последней схватке, ведь Роланд Дискейн — единственный, кому под силу остановить Человека в черном, прежде чем тот разрушит Темную Башню.

5.7 99285

Armed Response

The team of highly professional field investigators appears in a trap in military unit. Without that the suffocating atmosphere is heated by the fact that in this building the group of their predecessors already died.

3.8 1508

Happy Death Day

Everyone in University dreamed to get for her birthday, but the holiday was hopelessly spoiled by the stranger in a mask who killed the heroine of the occasion. However the destiny presented to the birthday girl a chilling gift — an infinite stock of lives. And now the girl had a chance to find the murderer, this day will repeat again and again …

6.5 68052

Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1

The race of aggressive newcomers attacked the planet Earth. The people who survived after invasion flee by the huge bunker underground, without coming to a surface. The young soldier of S.U.M.1 goes to a mission for rescue of group of survivors, but not managed to reach a shelter.

3.9 955

The Evil Within

After the death of parents John becomes the only trustee for mentally unstable younger brother Dennis. They live in the big house, and once John puts a big antiquarian mirror to Dennis's room. The guy provided to himself begins to communicate with own reflection. And Dennis's reflection from the mirror world — the being clever, strong, powerful also pursues absolutely bad aims.

5.5 2138

Rise of the Footsoldier 3

All know how history ended, but nobody and concepts has as began...
In epicenter of events the familiar character by the name of Pat Tate appeared already much. The serious, brutal man does not take prisoner. It has the improbable skills allowing it to kill people with ease and also steel character and lethal charisma. Such person could not but join the underworld of Essex constructed on violence, blood and severe laws. Pat promptly came to gangster success, but, as we know, there everything lasts long not: today you are a king, and tomorrow – full zero. Our hero is set up, and he gets to prison. That on whom he also dared to think betrayed him! There is no Tate's rage a limit, and he knows that he will surely settle accounts with mean scoundrels that sent him for a lattice, and fatten on freedom. Corrupt reptiles will receive the! The healthy fellow prepares for long-awaited release fearlessly to return to Essex and to organize all a party under the name "Punishment"! It should pass a hard way before it returns former glory and influence, but there is no place to hurry to it, revenge is a dish which is served by cold. In case of this gangster – a dish that is pushed in the throat to everyone who will become on its road...

5.6 894

Gasing Tengkorak

The singer Veronika on the stage faints once. The manager, having considered that the girl needs rest, sends her to the remote country house. And the strange things connected with the Indonesian shaman practice begin to occur.

4.5 50


The group of researchers from the international spaceship finds life on Mars. They don't suspect yet what events will be caused by their opening.

6.6 167128


A story about the farmer Wilfred James who by means of the teenage son has killed the wife and has thrown her body on worry to rats. Since then rats-trupoyedy follow Wilfred close, breaking him life and driving mad.

6.3 30550

Gerald's Game

After her husband falls with heart attack in the heat of an intimate game, the young woman remains chained to a bed. But her loneliness will be short. All fears which she ever felt in life will return suddenly to the lonely house which has instantly turned into the ominous torture chamber.

6.6 55157

Devil in the Dark

When brothers Adam and Clint were little, younger Adam was lost in the wood, but the father hunter has found him. Brothers have grown up. Clint has inherited love to hunting from the father, and Adam has gone far away from the woods to the big city. They didn't see each other 15 years, and now younger has returned to improve the relations. Brothers go to the woods to stay together and at the same time to hunt on a deer, and it will soon become clear that Adam was afraid of the wood not for nothing.

4.7 1207

Get Out

Acquaintance to parents of the girlfriend doesn't foretell to the young photographer from New York anything good, the family of the girl belongs to elite society and lives in a lonely country house. If he only knew the true reason of the invitation, then immediately would rush away …

7.7 341539

Mom and Dad

From outside the family Ryan seems ideal — the husband makes good money, the beauty wife, two children. But problems are in any family. The daughter senior pupil has ceased to communicate with mother and drags at her money from a purse. The younger brother constantly lifts up the sister, parents too hardly find a common language. Suddenly on TV begin to transmit a strange signal, and all parents who have heard it attack own children. Ryan is a high time for spouses to begin to work in team and to sort out the relations all family.

5.5 12643


The young woman Kira not only that suffers from memory blackouts, so also her skin in places quickly grows old and begins to be showered. The appeal to prestigious clinic gives nothing. The doctor only prescribes anesthetic and suggests to wait for results of analyses, and the disease progresses with a frightening speed meanwhile. However it becomes clear that Kira can replace own skin the stranger.

4.7 608

My Friend Dahmer

The senior Jeffrey Dahmer suffers from the pulling divorce of parents, absence of friends and attention. And really, who will want to be on friendly terms with the strange young man who selects on the road of dead animals, dissolves them in acid and watches that there at them inside. But once Jeffrey makes up the mind to a desperate step — to draw attention with a silly trick at school. To his surprise it works, and now the guy has friends.

6.3 8743

Escape from Cannibal Farm

The group of friends falls into hands to maniacs who not just eat people, but have organized the real meat-processing plant producing qualitative, environmentally friendly human flesh for the highest sectors of society.

3.7 322


The woman with four children, three sons and the daughter, disappears from something. They find a haven in the big lonely old house and decide to remain to live here. On the farm, next to their house, there lives a nice girl Ellie with whom children have at once made friends. But soon idyllic life the end comes — mother dies, and in the house strange things begin to occur.

6.6 13111

Berlin Syndrome

During the holiday in Berlin Clare meets charming Andy and between them there is an inclination at once. After joint walk on the city they spend night together, but the fact that at first sight it seems the beginning of torrid love affair, unexpectedly takes an ominous turn.

6.3 16871


The young man with enthusiasm investigates the gloomy subculture connected with a mysterious videotape in which 7 days after viewing perishes everyone seen record. However his girl is sure that the boyfriend is threatened by danger and to save him, she decides to assume blow. She is waited by many terrible opening, but the movie in the movie which before nobody saw will become the most terrible.

4.5 31960

Annabelle: Creation

Esther and Samyuel Mallins were the happy married couple which was bringing up the beloved daughter. But their world has failed suddenly when Annabel has imprudently run out on the road and has died under car wheels. For couple this event became the real blow. Through time of a prayer of spouses have been heard, and they have seen again the daughter whose soul has asked to be installed for one of the porcelain dolls created by Samyuel. Mallinsa have agreed, but have soon realized that in a doll not so their baby Annabel was installed, but the evil otherworldly essence capable to create terrible things. Spouses have been forced to close forever a doll in the room and to her to admit nobody.

In twelve years after the tragedy Samyuel and Esther open doors of the house for the nun and several orphans who have no place to live. They have made a good act, but they also couldn't imagine to what consequences it will lead. Soon several orphans say that they saw Annabel who went on the house. In the beginning their words don't perceive seriously, but later the evil essence more and more obviously shows the presence. The doll which for many years was locked up comes for hunting and to survive to someone after the meeting with generation of darkness will be very difficult.

6.5 80262

Beyond Skyline

In the world — chaos and panic. The sky was closed by the spaceships hanging over the cities which through huge pillars of light tighten to themselves aboard thousands of people directly from streets. To find the kidnapped son, the fearless detective should get on the ship of aggressive newcomers, to beat off the attack of these furious creatures and … to try to return the planet to people of Earth.

5.3 13636

Cold Skin

After long swimming the young meteorologist Frend arrives to the island mislaid in the ocean to accept year watch on a meteorological station. On the island there is only a severe and laconic lighthouse keeper Gryuner. Frend quickly enough understands that Gryuner hides something, the old meteorologist has got into some scrape, and the island seems uninhabited only at first sight.

6.0 6510

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

After the death of mother of Tiffany remained to live in big together with the father, constantly expressing protests at the slightest pretext. The girl all tried to be late a way of life, typical for youth, trying to run from the house for the sake of noisy parties and the doubtful companies of free teenagers. And eternally busy parent for the sake of safety of the only child had to employ for it the nurse. The judicious and wise Medea living in one quarter together with them became her.

There wasn't enough all attentiveness of Medea for complete control of Tiffany, and once the teenager managed to run away. She planned to spend cheerfully time with friends on the eve of Halloween, and experiences of the family didn't interest the girl. But it became soon clear what pleasant carrying out time is postponed because of excessive unruliness of otherworldly forces. And the brave nurse had to rush to the aid of the useless ward. For the sake of it she has connected all the friends, being ready to go even to an underworld if it was necessary.

3.7 2871


The young woman learns that her father has died, and comes back with the brother and the new lover to the house of the childhood to Belize. There she should face again the past while she will cling to proximity in the present.

3.6 230


Thelma goes to the university and for the first time begins to live separately from the parents who are hyper sponsoring Christians. The girl doesn't give in to temptations, doesn't drink and doesn't smoke, but can't resist to one temptation — she very much likes the classmate Ania. That admits Thelma to the company of the friends, girls become girlfriends. Thelma is confused the gushed feelings, and in addition at her begin similar to epileptic seizures.

7.0 17498


The relations of young couple appear under the threat when, breaking serene existence of spouses, uninvited guests come to their house.

6.6 138108

Sleepless Nights

Todd Lites-the famous American Director invites all visitors and fans of horror movies to immerse yourself in a familiar and pleasant atmosphere of fear. Night of suffering, a world where full of blood. The film represents as many as seven stories about otchanii, madness, attraction-the real world the horrors of which you have never seen now on your screens.

3.4 9

The Gracefield Incident

Three couples spend days off in Greysfilda in a comfortable lodge in the wood — have fun, have a rest. Suddenly nearby in the wood the meteorite falls. Of course they go to look at him and to touch such rarity, without suspecting that fun absolutely of other sort will begin soon.

4.1 1695

Alien: Covenant

During inspection of the remote planet located on other side of the galaxy, the crew of the colonial Precept ship finds out that the fact that they have initially taken for novel paradise, actually — the dark and dangerous world. Its only inhabitant — the synthetic android David who has survived after the fateful forwarding mission Prometheus.

6.4 211312


The young American Jennifer spends days off with the married French boyfriend in the lonely comfortable house with the pool. Suddenly ahead of time two his friends with whom he has agreed are declared there to hunt during a week-end. The girl should behave more modestly in the presence of unfamiliar men, but wishing to kindle passion of the lover, Jennifer slightly makes advances to his friend.

6.3 18438

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