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When in the town of Derry, State of Maine, children begin to vanish, several children face the greatest fears and are forced to try forces with the spiteful clown Pennivayz whose manifestations of cruelty and the list of the victims go to depth of centuries.

7.4 312864

The Promise

Two friends due to bankruptcy of the families decide to commit suicide, give each other a pledge to die together, but one of them changes his mind at the last moment. Many years later she is now almost adult daughter, followed by the ghost of a dead friend comes to pick up the debt.

6.1 509

Flight 666

The main events take place on board the aircraft. It follows the flight of three sixes. Everything is going according to the previously scheduled plan. Suddenly the aircraft is subject to the strongest storm and turns in a zone of turbulence. The pilots are trying to break away from the bad weather, but it goes beyond them literally on the heels. Suddenly it becomes clear that implicated otherworldly forces. Turns on the Board is a person who is guilty of murder. Now the ghosts from his past life haunt him even in the air. It is evident that this storm will not end until the killer ever will remain alive. However, he intends to fight for their lives, even if faced with forces from another world.

4.0 450

Paranormal Farm 2 Closer to the Truth

Karl, the protagonist of the film whose life again come the terrible times as has long been familiar to viewers of the farm from the first part of the film terrible events begin to occur again.

4.2 13


The already grim, listless metropolis conquered by death and terror. A fault this whole vampiric creature known as a Pharisee. It is powered solely by the blood of the inhabitants of huge cities. The cops have already started searching for this maniac, but so far they do not give any results. At this time, the heroine of the film begins an interesting life and at the same time very dangerous, because it put the eye maniac.

5.7 10

Dark House

American real estate agent on the plot of the film suddenly gets trapped in a huge House, where full of ghosts. The main thing is fear, the hero to learn somehow to cope with it that manage to survive in this Madhouse.

4.9 19


Young girl Ive on randomness opens a portal into the darkness is another cruel world, consisting of many mazes that have no end, and from which you cannot escape. There Ive have to gain allies to survive and put an end to the darkness of despotism, afflicts requires worship all-powerful goddess is the mother of darkness.

6.2 30

The Jurassic Games

Events unfold in the near future. Scientists were able to recreate the Jurassic period in virtual reality. It became possible thanks to modern developments of science and technology. It is planned to build thus any world in which it is possible to come to be online. This becomes a kind of game, because in such a world you cannot live for real.

3.6 777

Curse of the Witch's Doll

After the disappearance of the daughter of Adeline Gray, she faces complete indifference of new neighbors. No one believes that the daughter can still be saved. She begins to suspect that the incident is associated with a terrible doll, which contains real evil — it is inhabited by the spirit of the witch.

3.5 239

Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Brave guardian of the peaceful existence of the inhabitants of the city, Batman defies the villains in all categories. But he soon realizes that alone simply cannot cope. Then he turns for help to the legendary dog detective Scooby Doo And his entire friendly team. Now legendary superheroes together will confront the most ferocious villains of this alternative world.

6.7 737

Killing Joan

Young Joan Butler makes money in a very questionable way. Working to the leader of the local mafia chief Frank, pretty woman kills people on his orders. To such extraordinary work the girl got used for a long time and treats her as usual routine. Once the heroine of the film meets Anthony. The young man turns out to be a social worker. The guy constantly helps the needy and participates in various charity events. Communication with a new friend has a beneficial effect on the female killer. Gradually, the heroine repents of her actions and decides to break with her former life.

3.0 137

Tempus Tormentum

A young man is traveling and staying in poor hotels. He always buys the cheapest room. Arriving in a strange town for him, he as always searches for a local cheap motel. However, in such places are usually full of all sorts of unhealthy psychopaths and, once in the field of view of local scumbags, our hero becomes the object of persecution by them.

4.0 252

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

In 1979 year 42 patient in psychiatric hospital Gondzham committed suicide, and the Director of the hospital was missing. Hospital left, and it has become one of the attractions of Korea among lovers of the Tickle ourselves nerves. Lots of rumors going around about this abandoned building. Once the six daredevils sent to Gondzham to find out what is really going on within the walls of this ominous constructions.

6.1 2368

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Legendary Batman looked into the eyes of death many times. Sometimes it came to the moment when the enemy is almost dead and asks for mercy, but suddenly there is one who challenges the superhero. And the battle will continue. People are used to seeing Bruce Wayne in a suit and few people realize what kind of person is hiding under the mask. Criminals use everything: fire, water, and even gas, just to defeat Batman.

6.8 10129

Sick for Toys

Roy is a regular guy who was invited to Christmas dinner beauty Emilia and her oddball brother Edward. But soon the hero realizes that these people are not who they say they are.

4.2 455

4/20 Massacre

The main characters of the film are a group of girls who are going to celebrate the birthday of one of her friends. Girls want to do something unusual. Until now, all the parties they celebrated were in clubs or in a restaurant, and this time they suddenly decide to go outside, somewhere in the woods. They are tired of the monotonous parties that are usually held by young people. Such gatherings suddenly became uninteresting to them, here they decide to get drunk, smoke marijuana especially they managed to get a considerable dose of a drugs recently.

3.9 384

The Terrible Two

The plot is around the couple Albert and Rose. The movie gained a lot of fans immediately after the picture on the wide screen, because horror films have always attracted sophisticated moviegoers. Events unfold over the long four days. For Albert and Rose these days will be a hell that will not appear in the worst dream. And the thing is that these very days a few years ago, when their beloved daughters died. Thes story becomes strange, when it turns out that the girls die on their own birthday.

2.3 241

Living Among Us

A group of documentalists gets the opportunity to live among vampires and learn more about their lives and coexistence with people. However, soon the filmmakers realize that the acquaintance will be much closer than they expected.

5.6 1701

Children of the Corn: Runaway

In the center of events is a woman named Ruth. The movie starts to gain fans immediately after the appearance of the trailer and some information about the tape. And so, Ruth learns great news about her condition - she is expecting a baby. However, a pregnant girl becomes a victim of a cult of child killers. She miraculously managed to escape from this city, which is located in the Midwest. The next decade, a woman and her son, whose name is Aaron, trying to avoid meeting with the ghosts of the past.

3.9 601

Hellraiser: Judgment

Detectives Sean and David Carter investigate a case of terrible serial murders. Joining forces with another detective, Christine Edgerton, they follow the killer farther and farther into a maze of horror that has no place in the world of the living. The deeper they go down the spiral into the underworld, the more clearly, they realize that they have fallen for the wrong bait. Looks like Cenobite waiting not victims of a maniac.

4.3 2714


The application "hitch" helped many people get to their destination in safety. At least everyone thought so. Until one ill-fated night. Then everything changed, when the taxi driver-the murderer went hunting.

5.3 719

The Crossbreed

A mysterious evil has awakened and taken its terrifying path. In a pregnant woman mingled two beings - human and demon. The thing is that she was raped by a dark demon who sneaked into her room like invisible ghost. The girl decided to tell about what is happening to her father. The was in full despair and present of shock. He told his daughter not to leave the room until the baby was born. But soon the man fell ill and died. Now the pregnant woman was left all alone. She suffers from constant nightmares, and bad thoughts increasingly visit her head. Soon she has a baby. And from that moment on, strange things begin to happen.

2.4 261

Anonymous 616

What are you willing to do to achieve divine power? One man was destined to meet on the Internet with the anonymous six hundred and sixteen. He pointed to the man bloody way to achieve a Godlike form. A few hours after this conversation with a stranger, a few friends, including our hero, meet in a public place. They talk sweetly, remember the past and share plans for the future.

5.3 1146

In Memory Of

Medical experiments are conducted in a secret laboratory. They are dedicated to the human mind, and memory is the basis of the whole experiment. However, intentionally or quite by accident experiments got out of control and turned into a bloody nightmare. Only one woman survived. She somehow miraculously managed to leave the lab. She has terrible hallucinations.

5.3 33

Snake Outta Compton

A plane with snakes is flying over the city of Compton. Suddenly, one of them falls out right on the police car. At this time, there is a local guy Wurcel. He is short-sighted and therefore have to wear glasses. It helps him to rectify the defects somehow. The guy takes a reptile in his hands and picks out an egg from it. At the same time, a cub hatches from it. It is he who is destined to bring fear and terror to the whole huge city in the near future.

2.7 308


The plot is twisted around an ordinary group of teenagers. One of them faced with an unknown force, perhaps a delirium patient - a mental disorder. And it all started with the fact that students decide to challenge their friend and offer him to perform a very strange task. He needs to go to a mysterious house, that is full of ghosts, according to old legend. Once under mysterious circumstances, here was killed the whole family, consisting of thirteen people. But the young man should not just walk to the porch of the house of ghosts. He must film all his actions on camera.

5.7 4141

Day of the Dead: Bloodline

A monstrous virus that turns people into zombies has endangered the existence of the human race. The group of soldiers managed to hide in the catacombs, where the young and charismatic Zoe conducts experiments to find a vaccine. Only one element is missing to find the right formula. A group must find it as soon as possible. A daring sortie into the dead zone turns into a failure and starts the countdown.

3.4 6454


The couple returns home after a corporate party. On the way home, the husband knocks a man on a deserted forest road. Then they decide to take the body and hide it at home until they figure out what to do next. Then wife's sister comes home and finds person with the gun in hands in garage. During the scuffle, she accidentally kills the poor, which her family thought was dead. The next day, a detective comes to the house. He hits wife of the culprit of the accident and hide her in the basement. The officer begins a brutal interrogation of a frightened women, and finds out about the midnight incident. The it turns out, that this cop has known her sister for a long time. The accident wasn't the reason that brought him here. From that moment, the struggle for survival begins.

5.3 1058

Corbin Nash

Many people are not made for calm life. They are constantly looking for adventure. And Corbin Nash faces such stories literally every day and even every hour. The reason is, he's a cop in the New York city Department. He is an excellent police officer, who is well received by management and colleagues. Almost all criminals in the city are afraid of him, because he is merciless to any manifestations of illegal actions. The terrible news of the tragic death of his parents forces the detective to move to Los Angeles. This was not the only way out of the situation, but he chose it by himself.

5.2 4172

Eat Me

The plot is twisted around not young, but still not old woman. "Eat Me" began to gain many fans after the release of the trailer and some information about the story. It's because the picture affects the possibilities of human endurance, especially mental. And so, the woman lives completely alone in a remote house. She leads a lonely way of life. She rarely goes out and is gradually losing her mind from depression, which is developing her incredible speed.

4.5 180

The Open House

Logan moved with his mother Naomi in a small picturesque town, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Everything went as planned, the family got used to the changes, they make new friends. But one day, our heroes start to notice the strangeness around them.

3.3 23973

Deep Blue Sea 2

The second part of the tape tells about sharks, which are some of the only representatives of wildlife, which for many thousands of years of evolution has not changed in any way. These sea inhabitants are equipped with very good immune systems. They easily carry all the disasters on the planet, as well as many diseases. Based on the assumption that the neural networks are the future of mankind, the billionaire Karl Durand is building deep in the ocean under the thick layer of blue water secret laboratory. He, along with his colleagues trying to get medicine to improve intelligence. And the first guinea pigs, more precisely the sharks have become several types of Bull.

3.3 4022

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

Burt Gummer and his son Travis Welker is sent to Canada to investigate a series of attacks by giant worms, and are among the graboidov. Burt begins to suspect that the military is trying to adapt the underground monsters for their needs, but here the case takes an unexpected turn: one of graboidov poisoning it. The only salvation is to make fresh poison antidote, but for this we need to milk graboida.

5.1 3121

The Meg

Jonas Taylor works as the researcher of sea depths and is a paleontologist by education. Together co the team it makes immersions in special devices on the bottom of the ocean to know o its inhabitants and o last our planet better. The ocean bottom hides the mass of fossils of ancient animals which are looked for by Jonas. Ho once, in time of another research, it becomes the witness of what-to terrifying. In the beginning the hero of the movie of "The Meg" doesn't trust own eyes, but he finds the huge monster which has risen from depths. It attacks it and his team. Not all manage to survive, but Taylor by miracle escapes.

5.7 100398


The girl who has arrived to this city in hope to escape from the antecedents. She is afraid herself a little. At her everything about what could only be presented. Highly paid work and prospects of career development. Darling who literally carried her on hands. But, at one awful moment everything has failed as if a house of cards. At work have reduced, and darling has cruelly betrayed. The girl slowly began to go crazy. One her relative has defined her in psychiatric clinic. Doctors long and persistently observed the new patient. She has been placed on tranquilizers which have brought her into feelings.

6.4 29705


The muse is the history scolding to a shiver which participant involuntarily was an ordinary man, professor of literature and the judge of poetry who is called Samuel Salomon. Long time he worked at the university and very much loved this place, students and business in which he is engaged. And still he left the teaching activity. He has accepted the decision to leave after the tragic death of the beloved after a while. Without her life of the main character has grown dim, there was absolutely another and didn't bring special joy any more. After dismissal it was closed at home and became practically the hermit.

5.4 2419

7 Guardians of the Tomb

In epicenter of a plot there is a group of archeologists. They are often visited ancient tombs and various caves in search of unique artifacts and ancient relics. They are courageous and brave people who aren't afraid of danger and always go to new travel with special enthusiasm. Once this group of professional researchers has had the luck to appear about the most ancient cave which is underground. Archeologists are not seven years old for a long time and they give the report for the actions. One of them decides to go down in a tomb to carry out search of ancient artifacts. But nobody even assumed that there are living keepers who don't intend to open secrets of this place.

4.5 2565


The abnormal phenomena constantly excite imagination of many people. Picture events about "Annihilation" are developed in Sohn by Ickx. It is the territory in which unknown creatures are found. Here don't wait for guests from other lands. Trophies hunters avoid this place. Here not one research expedition has been sent. Many it is simple - напросто haven't returned from the bewitched place. And those who had had chance to return home were very strongly exhausted during the trip and have changed practically to unrecognizability.

6.9 216391

The Campus

Between Robert Wainwright and the Devil the transaction has been made, but having violated it, the man dies and dooms the daughter Morgan whose soul appears in a debt at the Satan now to tortures. The girl living in the territory of a campus gets to an infinite circle of a nightmare and after her brutal and cruel murder, she revives again to experience this horror again. She doesn't know how to get out of this hell and to save the soul from paws of a devil spawn.

3.9 440

Shanda's River

College Professor Emma goes in the small town of Voghera in Northern Italy, to examine the case of the murder of Shanda witch sacrifice sacrificed the river many centuries ago. On Emma fell terrible spell, from whom she is in an infinite loop. Every day she would die, and the next day everything will start all over again.

4.9 202

The Night Eats the World

Guy is sent to a friend, hoping to bring back a lover, but in the midst of fun falling asleep. Morning becomes for him starting his own Apocalypse, since the apartment in the heart of the French capital is flooded with blood. Night engulfed mankind and on the streets of Metropolis bloodthirsty undead roam in search of flesh. The walls of the dwelling becoming for a hero in the Citadel. But he'll have to come out of hiding, to understand whether even someone infected.

6.0 5238

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