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The movie is inspired by the history of escape of 38 prisoners of IRA from the Maze Prison in 1983 in the heat of resistance against the British power in Northern Ireland. It was the largest escape since World War II from one of the most well protected prisons of Europe. In the center of a plot of the relation between Marley and the inspector of prison Gordon. The movie in a complicated manner and dexterously shows history from two opposite sides, investigating unfreedom depths — physical or spiritual.

5.9 2168


The psychologist enters a dangerous fight of minds with the little genius, but he does not know that the girl has supernatural abilities and that her life hangs by a thread.

6.2 3364

The Ritual

Four former schoolmates go hiking in mountains and forests to honor memory of the died friend. At first they adhere to the standard route, but then decide to walk a little aside from a natoptanny track and find the strange house in the forest.

6.3 45386

24 Hours to Live

During the next task the killer on whose conscience there are a lot of innocent victims perishes. But enigmatically he is restored from the other world to life. And now it has only 24 hours that having united with the murderer, by hand which it accepted death, to wash away guilt and to save the soul.

5.7 8613


The commando of special forces of armed forces of Great Britain, John Stratton, enters a fight with group of the international terrorists. Their purpose — to carry out act of terrorism in London by means of modern biological weapon. Stratton should act extremely resolutely, otherwise it is possible just not to manage to prevent the tragedy.

4.8 2843

The Neighbor

The man of average years lives in the marriage reminding the stagnant swamp. But his life is changed when to the neighboring house new residents drive: attractive young woman and her aggressive husband.

5.7 6249

Devil's Gate

The FBI agent Darina Francis investigates case of disappearance of Maria Prichard and her son John. Maria Jackson's spouse Prichard what the sister of gone reported about becomes the main suspect. And it is valid, difficult not to suspect him — the man fitted a fence a barbed wire, drove in windows, set around traps and other terrible traps, looks and behaves as though it is obvious not in itself. Having arrived to the house Prichardov for 50 miles from the city and having arrested Jackson, the agent Francis together with the local police officer Salter become witnesses of strange things: all cars fail, phones do not turn on, and the terrible thunderstorm suddenly begins. It seems that they should spend night in the house alone with the detainee.

5.1 2493

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

After the termination of outstanding sports career Eric Lemark, the Olympic champion in hockey, cannot live without adrenaline any more. Now it finds the drive in drugs and a snowboard. When the ski patrol (California) closes all routes because of the approaching storm in mountains Mammos, Lemark decides to make the last descent and it appears in a deadly snow trap.

5.7 3996

Kill Switch

The Alterpleks energy company thought up how to get access to unlimited energy. For these purposes the device under the name Tower which receives energy in pure form was constructed. Representatives of Alterpleks employ the former astronaut Will for performance of a dangerous task.

4.8 5853

Christmas Crime Story

They say, Christmas is time of joy, gifts, magic and general love. However for police officers, statistically, it is the intense period when the crime rate just begins to read off scale...
In epicenter of events there were several people who are not connected among themselves, however actions and decisions reduced them in the uniform place in which they would not like to come to be, be on that their will. Everything began with ridiculous robbery of shop which went not according to the plan at all and led to terrible consequences. It became a starting point in a destructive way on which unfortunate characters should pass: to the police officer forced to talk, at last, to mother and to try to reestablish with her the lost communication. And also to the photographer at whom life goes to pieces, his vindictive bride, her secret lover and Santa Claus trying not to drink very much again not to come to be at the bottom of a bottle. Each character has the drama and background. But they will be reduced together in fatal evening by the Devil to decide their future. The magnificent holiday was to the heroes who did not manage to make at the right time a right choice, and forced to regret now for much...

4.4 118


The journalist Christie Davies writes article about work of police, cooperating with the detective Rooney from department of murders. And in the first day they appear on the crime scene — the girl is hung up, and on a breast she cut out a letter. And nearby the detective Rooney finds in the building on a wall a game in the gallows and the cut-out figures which coincide with numbers of his counter and the police officer in resignation, the former detective Archer. The pensioner Archer with hunting undertakes to help with investigation when it becomes clear that in the city the serial killer is active — next day detectives find one more hung up.

5.2 8536

Death Note

The capable student Layt finds mysterious Death Note which can kill any whose name to enter in it. The guy decides to begin a mission for cleaning of streets of criminals. Soon the student vigilante finds out that he is pursued by the known profayler of FBI disappearing under pseudonym L.

4.6 62654

The Hatred

Four girls go for the weekend to a new country house of professor of college — yet without knowing that they are fated to face the ominous past of the house and its inhabitants.

3.7 1652

The Beguiled

The closed board for girls was reliably hidden from the outside world till that day until the young man who was looking for the help and the shelter stepped for his gate. Since this moment the mysterious mansion appeared in captivity of fatal temptation …

6.3 39379

Bad Day for the Cut

When kill mother of the ordinary Irish farmer, he goes to revenge. On the way the hero should meet the criminal organization and the unpleasant truth about the past.

6.4 3178

Hollow in the Land

Alison works at a mill. After her father got to prison, life became difficult, however soon the girl is comprehended by one more grief — the brother vanishes. Alison moves off in searches.

5.6 1101

The Hatton Garden Job

Real story about the most large-scale robbery in Great Britain. Robbers managed to take out from reliably protected bank storage cash and values for the sum of 200 million pounds. Having used the rich life experience, criminals thought up the excellent plan in which they calculated each step literally on minutes. This impudent robbery did to many noise and made all its participants "celebrities".

5.9 3371

6 Days

In 1980 across London news about the terrorist attack directed to the Iranian Embassy immediately scattered. Everything began with the fact that the group of unknown rushed into the building of embassy and took all his employees prisoner. The authorities tried to agree with terrorists, however their requirements were impracticable. The management of special troops made the decision to storm the building in spite of the fact that the victims among the civilian population could appear. The situation became aggravated the fact that the building of embassy was well strengthened, and it prevented soldiers to achieve goals quickly.

6.2 12655


Teenagers from the unsuccessful area are involved in drug traffic under supervision of the cruel and dangerous dealer. When to the city there comes the newcomer hiding a terrible secret, its relations with one of guys threaten all their business.

5.9 1993

Kill'em All

The unusual patient who is dying after mass firefight comes to usual American hospital. The slaughter renews when on its trace the group of the armed robbers comes. The survived witness — to the young nurse Syuzanna — should deal with FBI agents and participants of the international plot.

4.3 1574


Tessa Konnover takes a divorce with the husband David hard. He is happily affianced now to Julia Banks who interferes not only in the house in which they once lived with Tessa, but also in life of their daughter Lily. Julia, in the new role of the wife and stepmothers, desperately believes that she, at last, met the man of the dream who will help it to forget its uneasy past. But Tessa's envy gains steam, and nothing will prevent it to turn Julia's dream into her worst nightmare.

5.0 10422


Whether you know that one child vanishes in the USA each 40 seconds?

Karl's kogda sees how someone takes away her son, and police officers stay idle, it rushes to a pursuit of thieves. Without thoughts, without fear, without … phone. In this race against time for rescue of own child neither speed, nor risks matter.

5.9 26818

Ghost House

The young couple goes to a travel to Thailand. In rural areas they find the cemetery with the "houses of ghosts" which are at it where, on local beliefs, spirits find rest. Having imprudence to profane a shrine of lovers cruel supernatural force begins to pursue. It immerses heroes in the abyss of chilling horror of the other world of which there is no exit.

4.7 3177

Don't Sleep

Zac and his girl remove housing at married couple of Marino — Vincenta and Joan. And the last live in the neighboring mansion. On the new place Zac begins to see nightmares which tormented him in the childhood and for which he was long treated. But now these nightmares take even more frightening forms. Later in Marino's house strange things begin to occur …

3.3 800


2:22 on midday. The clear sky is suddenly lit up by powerful light flash. Devices of navigation fail. Two passenger planes inevitably have to collide in air. During the last moment the experienced air traffic controller Dylan manages to part routes, but from this minute his life cannot be former. In search of the terrible truth Dylan meets the mysterious girl by the name of Sara together with whom he reveals an ominous secret of crossing of destinies …

5.7 14830


Ireland. 1209. Island at the world's end. The small group of monks goes to the forced pilgrimage through the island which is torn to parts by the breeding war lasting centuries and the growing power of Norman aggressors. They accompany a sacred relic of the monastery — a stone which was used in martyrdom of Saint Mathias, the thirteenth apostle, to Rome. The travel of monks is shown by eyes of pious young beginners and mute (or silent) a keleynik with the cruel past.

In process of their advance the true material, political and religious value of a precious relic is investigated, and their way to east coast becomes more and more dangerous. Monks with delay understand that in this wild earth of ancient superstitions, the belief which connects them together finally can lead of them to death.

5.8 3239


It — the world-class secret agent. This time its task — to prevent a biological attack on London. Involved in a big espionage game, it inevitably faces the world of double standards, paranoia, impunity and treachery. Around there are a lot of friends, but which of them can actually be trusted? And which of them that imperceptible "mole" whom she has to calculate to stop terrorists? To save London, she should play not by rules …

6.2 21059

Crystal Inferno

Two teenagers get stuck in the elevator of a huge skyscraper when in the building there is a fire. Children appear on the twentieth floor while their parents — on the sixtieth. Whether it will manage to family to find each other and to escape, having avoided fire, falling and poisoning with gas?

3.7 253

Avenge the Crows

On streets of Los Angeles, old wounds, kindle revenge for the former member of gang and the young cousin.

5.2 209

The Stolen

A story about the woman who should look for the kidnapped son in others and hostile world where continually she is trapped by new danger.

5.1 679

Immigration Game

Alternative 2016, Germany refused to accept refugees. The only opportunity to receive the residence permit — to participate in the popular show "Game for Immigrants". The purpose of "running" — from the outskirts of Berlin to reach a television tower on Aleksanderplatz. But the task becomes complicated the fact that any German citizen has the right with impunity to pursue the participant, and even to kill him.

3.4 319

Armed Response

The team of highly professional field investigators appears in a trap in military unit. Without that the suffocating atmosphere is heated by the fact that in this building the group of their predecessors already died.

3.8 1508

Awakening the Zodiac

Mick and Zoya's married couple has a deplorable financial position — they live in a trailer, and Mick is interrupted by accidental side jobs. Once to them old films which are removed by the famous serial killer Zodiak fall into hands. That was active in the late sixties in San Francisco and was not caught. Having seduced with an award in 100000 dollars, they do not carry a film in police, and together with the friend containing a pawnshop try to find Zodiak independently.

4.8 1351


Andrew and Gareth Fostery — the brothers adventurers trading in stealing of the most rare and luxury cars. Still they easily managed to avoid troubles, but during the next business they get under a sight of the cruel criminal boss. Now in exchange for the lives they have to steal for it the most valuable car of his worst enemy.

5.4 9357


Natali, the former agent of the British intelligence, decided to depart from affairs, having pushed off foreheads two criminal groups. Now she is on the run, but here an ill luck — the street photographer shot it with the camera, thereby having set up himself under blow. Now they together escape from prosecution of the Colombian mafia and the British intelligence.

4.4 323

Bullet Head

Even at the most winning game different options of end are possible. Experienced criminals, trying to clean a police warehouse on aiming, there is in a trap with a furious sentry dog by nickname De Niro. The happy final seems more and more illusive …

5.3 5238


The housewife Jill Hart is on the verge of a nervous breakdown — the husband seldom stays at home moreover and changes, children in a penny do not put, treat mother as to servants. The woman even wanted to hang herself on a chandelier, but nobody even paid attention to the fallen-off lamp. And then one day Jill vanishes. And it is found in own cellar — on all fours, without clothes, and it communicates now only bark and growl.

5.0 1243

Happy Death Day

Everyone in University dreamed to get for her birthday, but the holiday was hopelessly spoiled by the stranger in a mask who killed the heroine of the occasion. However the destiny presented to the birthday girl a chilling gift — an infinite stock of lives. And now the girl had a chance to find the murderer, this day will repeat again and again …

6.5 68052


The cop with communications in underworld suits a round-up in night club in search of the kidnapped son.

5.6 23457

Walking Out

The city teenager goes to Montana to the father hermit that together will go to hunting. But the fascinating travel turns into fight for survival when the father with the son face a grizzly bear.

5.8 4297

Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1

The race of aggressive newcomers attacked the planet Earth. The people who survived after invasion flee by the huge bunker underground, without coming to a surface. The young soldier of S.U.M.1 goes to a mission for rescue of group of survivors, but not managed to reach a shelter.

3.9 955

My Little Pony: The Movie

The king Shtorm wants to deprive of a pony of magic and takes Kanterlot. Under the threat all Ekvestriya's future! To stop the villain, ponies leave the native land and go to the travel full of miracles and dangers. They should conquer magic mountains, to plunge into the underwater worlds and even to appear by the flying piracy ship!

6.1 4717

Rise of the Footsoldier 3

All know how history ended, but nobody and concepts has as began...
In epicenter of events the familiar character by the name of Pat Tate appeared already much. The serious, brutal man does not take prisoner. It has the improbable skills allowing it to kill people with ease and also steel character and lethal charisma. Such person could not but join the underworld of Essex constructed on violence, blood and severe laws. Pat promptly came to gangster success, but, as we know, there everything lasts long not: today you are a king, and tomorrow – full zero. Our hero is set up, and he gets to prison. That on whom he also dared to think betrayed him! There is no Tate's rage a limit, and he knows that he will surely settle accounts with mean scoundrels that sent him for a lattice, and fatten on freedom. Corrupt reptiles will receive the! The healthy fellow prepares for long-awaited release fearlessly to return to Essex and to organize all a party under the name "Punishment"! It should pass a hard way before it returns former glory and influence, but there is no place to hurry to it, revenge is a dish which is served by cold. In case of this gangster – a dish that is pushed in the throat to everyone who will become on its road...

5.6 894

Gasing Tengkorak

The singer Veronika on the stage faints once. The manager, having considered that the girl needs rest, sends her to the remote country house. And the strange things connected with the Indonesian shaman practice begin to occur.

4.5 50

All the Money in the World

Around the world it was not richer than the person, than Paule Getty. To belong to its sort — all the same what to be god. However, when in Rome unknown kidnap his grandson, the oil tycoon, to general shock, flatly refuses to pay repayment. And then the mysterious security service specialist of Getty becomes the only hope for mother of the boy …

6.8 52217

Good Time

Having despaired to find work and to get money for payment of accounts, Connie plans robbery of bank. On a raid it takes the brother Nick suffering from intellectual deviations. Robbery takes place successfully, but at brothers in hands the package of paint blows up, and Nick falls into hands of police. Feeling guilty for the brother and also understanding as it will be heavy to transfer Nick every day without the aid of the loved one, Connie decides to pull out, by all means, the brother from hands of police. Within one night full of adrenaline, Connie makes desperate attempts to make the way to Nick and to release it.

7.3 45871

Bad Frank

Frank Pearce conducts, apparently, not so remarkable life. But when ghosts of the past have again an effect, and take away from Frank that to it it is expensive, the mask of judiciousness falls down, baring its true essence.

4.9 428

Jasper Jones

Charles Baktin's history — the fourteen-year-old boy who very much likes to read. One night him the local derelict, the mulatto Jasper Jones who has found a body of the girl asks for the help. Secretly from Charlie's adults tries to find the real murderer, in passing fighting against racism manifestations, enduring family discord and the first love.

6.6 2172

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