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The 12th Man

The group of fighters of the Norwegian resistance receives a task to reach the northwest Norwegian coast on the vessel "Brattkholm" and to commit diversion on one of the German aviation bases. But the mission came to grief in the sea: the vessel was attacked by the German ship and sunk. Jan Bolsrud was the only person who managed to escape. He manages to reach the coast and to run towards the Swedish border. Pursued by Gestapo, Bolsrud looks for a shelter in mountains. Here it is overtaken by a blizzard, he hides in a cave which appears a deadly trap.

7.4 8969

A Stork's Journey

Vorobey Richard since the birth was brought up by storks and considers himself one of them. But time to migrate on the South comes. Parents are afraid that Richard will not cope with flight, and leave it at home. But the sparrow decides to prove everything that he is the real stork. He goes to Africa. On the road he starts friendship with an oddish owl and the excentric parrot dreaming of a big scene. This Trinity is started up in a desperate travel by bus, the train and the cruise liner!

5.9 1140


Thelma goes to the university and for the first time begins to live separately from the parents who are hyper sponsoring Christians. The girl doesn't give in to temptations, doesn't drink and doesn't smoke, but can't resist to one temptation — she very much likes the classmate Ania. That admits Thelma to the company of the friends, girls become girlfriends. Thelma is confused the gushed feelings, and in addition at her begin similar to epileptic seizures.

7.0 17498


A fantastic story about an unexpected solution to the problem of overpopulation of the planet: Norwegian scientists invent technology to reduce people, which over 200 years the whole world can make miniature. Besides mini life offers a lot of financial gain, so a simple Guy Paul and his wife Audrey, a short-lived thinking, decide to leave his boring existence in Omaha and undergo reduction. This solution would entail the most amazing consequences.

5.7 62666

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